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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am
trichinopoly ash
31 December 2019 @ 11:59 pm

starting from february 2009, you'll notice wizard hat ratings with my recs.


please keep in mind that ratings are inherently subjective, i.e. they signify my personal opinion. i'm not an expert or a professional critic and there is no malicious intention behind my ratings; i simply post recs because i want to share what i enjoy with others.

if you would like me to rec something, please free to send me a pm or simply comment to this post.

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28 October 2012 @ 10:37 pm
hello :)

how are YOU doing these days?
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10 February 2012 @ 10:21 am
i keep falling over, i keep passing out
when i see a face like you

i keep forgetting about this place. maybe it's time to disappear awhile.
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hello, hello!

omg guys, i have been putting this post together for over a week now, but it kept getting postponed for one thing or another! i'd start the day thinking i'd update lj after work, but i've been working a later shift so i don't have as much time once i'm home, and the mornings never get utilised properly either. then i end up having to run errands, or go out with friends, or visit theredhandthe bf, or simply fall asleep well ahead of time. but! i promised you x-men: first class recs, and here they be. i re-watched the movie earlier tonight with chez_amanda, and it spurred me into compiling all the links :D

this post marks the return of the RECS + LINKSPAM format that i usually favour :D once again i've foregone including my thoughts and wizard hat ratings b/c i'm crunched for time, so consider this a kwik-start guide to another fandom, hee! just like last time i've bolded the ones i personally enjoyed the most.

FIC RECS: 24 charles/erik ficsCollapse )


1) trailer for the woman in black starring daniel radcliffe: OMG THIS LOOKS SO FREAKIN' GOOD. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT!

2) unknown cast for jeff buckley movie: it's the same actor from the spiderman broadway musical so i'm interested in seeing how he does in this role.

3) hunter s. thompson's amazing letter in response to a fan's submission: omg. if i ever received a reply like this from an author like him, i'd frame it and hang it up on my wall *____*

4) james franco to make porn film: this man is a RL troll. i love him sfm ♥

5) abercrombie & fitch offers jersey shore's the situation money to stop wearing their clothes: lmaoooo i can't believe this! i guess even a&f have set limits to how much of a douchenozzle you can be while wearing this clothes :P

6) charlie sheen pelted by fans at a gathering of juggalos: ahahah win.

7) german boy, 11, calls police over housework: lol this lazy kid.

8) the female erotic brain, mapped: HEY LADIES, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SEX.

9) bullet-proof human skin - made from spider silk and goat milk: huh. sounds like something from the alien franchise. I'D GET AN IMPLANT THOUGH.

10) the worst drinks in america: awh shucks the starbucks bottled fraps are on this list! BUT COKE ISN'T ANYWHERE ON HERE, HUHAHA! thanks to juliet_a for this one!

11) life-sized dalek for sale!: now if i only had £3,500 lying around..

12) nivea pulls "re-civilized" ad following social media backlash: what moronic AND racist marketing agency created this campaign? and why did nivea execs find it acceptable in the first place? fucking twerps.

13) 10 weird jobs you can turn into businesses: crime scene cleaner, eh? or green funeral provider? hmm..
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er, since it's been a month since i last updated, i find the title of my previous entry quite ironic :P

since then i have revamped my hairstyle, started working a completely different shift at the office, roasted in an atypically hot canadian summer, and most importantly, spent a glorious 10 days with fera_festiva and spacefragments. i will write up a detailed post about our lovely m-cubed adventures later this week, but long story short? they were more amazing than i'd even imagined and i consider myself really lucky for having made such brilliant friends via fandom ♥

speaking of fandom, i haven't been entirely absent from fannish activities! i've read a lot of x-men: first class fic and have continued becoming more and more obsessed with michael fassbender [as evidenced by my tweets and tumblr posts. i daydream about him leaving teethmarks all over my skin. and rewatch crappy movies like 300 simply b/c he's in it. i even post drunk!tweets about the man and how i want to eat his cheekbones. wtf selffffffff, you are lostttttttttttttttt].

i also finally watched the supernatural s6 finale. it was..alright. i said "wtf" a lot.


since i am nothing if not persistent - especially when it comes to forcing persuading encouraging others to share my interests, here is a list of suits fics! due to the large number of recs and my time constraints, for once i'm not including my usual feedback and wizard hat ratings. i have, however, bolded the works i personally enjoyed the most! so consider this a quick-start guide to the fandom ;) i will share a similar version for x-men later this month \0/

FIC RECS: 37 harvey/mike recsCollapse )

oh, it feels goooooooooooooooooood to be back and reccing! I HAVE MISSED YOU. have you missed me?
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03 July 2011 @ 10:51 pm
holy crap, it's been a while. how are all of you, my lovely comrades? i hope things have been well ♥ as for me, i've been busy with work, friends and theredhandthe bf.

first off, thanks to everyone who provided suggestions to my chicago help post. they helped immensely [and i will definitely reply to your comments before the end of this week, i promise]. i've enjoyed chicago every time i visited the city, but this trip was the best. part of it was due to the fact that i went with a particular set of friends who are very easy-going and always up for a good time. the rest was due to the metropolis itself. y'know how some people feel at peace when they're amongst trees and open spaces and nature? well, i feel that way looking up/down at skyscrapers, surrounded by concrete and steel and glass. as much as i adore toronto, i didn't want to come back home, i really didn't. b/c toronto has her share of tall buildings, but it's nowhere near chicago or new york. we don't have that level of history or art, and while the multiculturalism makes up for some of it, it's not the same, y'know? so yea - i had a whirlwind of a weekend, and i can't wait to share my pics with you guys :D

i've also been seeing theredhandthe bf a lot more since he's done med school and has moved downtown. we're no longer in different cities for the first time in oh, 9 yrs! he and his sister bought a house downtown [right in the middle of the gay neighbourhood, woo!] and he started his first day of residency this friday. awh, bb's a full-fledged doctor now *beams* he still ignores all my hypochondriac [and often legitimate] complaints though. he just tells me to "stop being a wiener and work out" instead. hmph. too bad his advice would probably fix 70% of my ailments.

at any rate, i've seen him more in the last 2 weeks than i have in the last 2 months. he recently spent 3 weeks in peru, climbing machu pichu, and prior to that he was busy with finals and such, so being able to spend time with him on a regular basis has been quite excellent. we saw soundgarden in concert last night, which was utterly BRILLIANT. i swear, chris cornell is still such a sex god, nnnggg! they performed a whole bunch of my faves, and put on such a mindblowing show. i took some vids and pics, and i'll post those at a later time :D

this was pride week in toronto, so i spent a bit of time watching the parade today and viewing the various booths/performances. so many beautiful people in my city :))) it was way too hot and crowded so i didn't spend as much time as i would've ideally liked to, but i made up for it by reading COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF X-MEN: FIRST CLASS FIC.

guys. guys. i have found a shiny new fandom and it is making me SO FUCKING HAPPY. i've already seen the flick twice in theatres, have been sharing fic ideas with annundriel and chez_amanda, and daydreaming of all the filthy things i'd like the characters/actors do to each other [or uh, myself]. i began following 1stclass_kink the day it started, but today i read a whole bunch of other fics, and KJHDSKJHSJDKFSKH. CHARLES/ERIK. JAMES/MICHAEL. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH @#$@&%^& if you're on my twitter, you've already been flooded with a barrage of recs today, but i shall compile fic/art/gifs/everything into a handy-dandy list tomorrow or the day after *____*

please feel free to leave some of your own recs too! and if i should be following particular authors/artists/comms, please bring forth your suggestions :D i haven't felt this way about a fandom since i discovered spn and j2, so yeh. it's marvelous. I HAVE MISSED YOU, FANDOM, I REALLY HAVE.
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04 June 2011 @ 10:33 am
Hello darlings! I'm going to Chicago with a few friends and will be in town from the 17th-19th of this month.

I've been to Chitown a few times before but it's been some time since, and I'd love suggestions on places to visit and things to do. Basically, what tourist attractions, food places, bars/pubs and shops would you recommend? I'd appreciate any and all tips! ♥

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21 May 2011 @ 11:29 am - If the Rapture doesn"t happen I"ll be more than happy to judge you

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may 1st, 2011 is going to be remembered for a long time. what's supercool/eerie is how hitler's death was announced on may 1st, 1945. and may 1st also marks voldemort's death at the battle of hogwarts. MAY 1ST OBVSLY SPELLS DOOM FOR EVIL OVERLORDS!

in less important but nonetheless exciting news:

2) supernatural - 6x19: "mommy dearest" was one of the first eps in a long time to make me think "woo yea, plot!" let's face it - no matter how upbeat i've been about this season so far, i've mostly been watching spn b/c i'm so attached to the characters and cast.

but these last 2 eps have made me really happy. i knew something was up, but i did NOT expect the twist in the end. it had me clapping! and of course on the superficial side of things, dean's mouth and sam's cheekbones were quite lovely to behold, while castiel has never been hotter to me than he was in this ep. i thought i was going to implode :D

3) doctor who - 6x02: "day of the moon" was nothing short of phenomenal. literally 20 secs into the ep, i was exclaiming "AND THIS IS WHY DW IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV". so much intensity! intrigue! freaky scenes! exciting scenes! emotional scenes!

canton needs to have his own spin-off or at least show up on dw on a regular basis b/c he is seriously cool. BASICALLY, I WANT MORE MARK SHEPPARD ON ALL MY SHOWS, THANKS. i loved that amy called the doctor her best friend! ♥ rory's bespectacled stupid-face made me drool, and the amy/rory moments had me oscillating between nervous and ecstatic. speaking of shippy things, eleven/river is soooooooooo hot - even though their doomed romance makes my heart ache. i want to be river song when i grow up though. coolest fucking archaeologist ever, yea?

and of course the ep featured some of my very fave things in the multiverse. i.e. SPACESUITS, APOLLO 13, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:

too bad you're not going to remember any of this.
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